Cancellation and Amendment Policy

Release Time: 2020-12-02

Amendment Policy and Cancellation Policy

Genting Cruise Lines - FIT Policy (Effective for bookings on and after 1 July 2018)

Payment Schedule

  • At time of booking (credit card)

Amendment Policy (All cabins subject to availability)

  • Cancellation (including cancellation charges if applicable) and re-booking is required and applicable when:
    • Total cabin change of passenger names (when all pax names within a cabin require change)
    • Change of sailing date
    • Downgrading of cabins (from higher category to lower category)
    • Change of vessel
    • Downgrading of itinerary
  • For other changes:
    • Change and swap of passenger names will be subject to a USD20 (or its equivalent) amendment charge per pax (provided at least one original name remain unchanged within each cabin)
    • No amendment charge for the upgrading of cabins to higher category in the same itinerary, difference between original and prevailing rate will be charged
    • No amendment charge for upsell of itinerary provided original departure date remains unchanged (e.g. from 2N itinerary to 7N), difference between original and prevailing rate will be charged
    • No amendment charge for additional passengers within the same cabin, charged at original rates
    • For any split-off and new cabins, the new cabin will be considered as new booking at prevailing rates


Notes for cruise passengers (except those booked under group bookings):

  1. 100% of full cabin fare will be levied as cancellation charges in case of sailing during special holiday season.
  2. Change of all passengers in an original cabin will be treated as cancellation and prevailing rates of cabins will apply to new booking. Cancellation charges will be levied according to the Cancellation Policy.
  3. Any amendment imposed by the cruise line to the passenger, the amendment fee will be waived.
  4. Amendment fees are applicable to those amendment requests, which have been received not less than 5 calendar days prior to the departure date.  Any amendment request received 4 calendar days or less prior to departure, 100% of full cabin fare as cancellation charges will be levied.
  5. No charge shall be levied for up sold of cruise provided that the original departure date remains unchanged.
  6. Amendment request must be made in writing to the cruise line’s Reservations Office and shall be effective only upon actual receipt by the cruise line’s Reservations Office. The Sales Agent is reminded to confirm the amendment request by telephone in order to avoid disputes.
  7. The Sales Agent is required to notify its customers of the cruise line’s amendment fees above. Failure to do so will render the Sales Agent liable for any claims or compensation arising from disputes in the amendment fees levied.
  8. Some promotions do not allow amendment or cancellation and payments are non-refundable. The terms and conditions applicable to those specific promotions will be followed strictly, and will supersede the Cancellation and Amendment Policy. In case of inconsistency, the terms and conditions applicable to those specific promotions shall prevail.
  9. Passengers under group bookings need to refer to their booking source for any clarifications regarding the Cancellation & Amendment Policy.


Cancellation Fees for All Cruise Lengths

All Cruise Lengths
More than 100 days prior to departure Free refund, except non-refundable amounts
100 – 46 days prior to departure 10% of Full Cabin Fare
45 – 15 days prior to departure 30% of Full Cabin Fare
14 – 8 days prior to departure 50% of Full Cabin Fare
7 days or less prior to departure 100% of Full Cabin Fare
No Show / No Written Notice 100% of Full Cabin Fare


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