Rejuvenate in the middle of the ocean . Relax at Crystal Life Spa

Release Time: 2021-08-04

Pampering yourself with a relaxing mind is one of the reason for people to go on a vacation. Crystal Life Spa onboard Dream Cruises is definitely a place that you wouldn’t want to miss when you cruise every time. Its all-rounded beauty & wellness services would allow you to pamper & rejuvenate.

The concept of Crystal Life Spa was inspired from Crystal Cruises – “The World’s Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line” under Genting Cruise Lines. Crystal Life Spa is the largest beauty and wellness haven at sea, offering a range of Chinese massages or Western spa treatments, professional grooming services for ladies & gentlemen, innovative workout equipment, professional fitness training and healthy-lifestyle meals. In 2019, Crystal Life Spa was recognized for the “Grand Jury Award” and “Best Spa Contributor of the Year Award”, awarded by SpaChina Awards.

“Quartz Crystal Bed Massage” and “Himalaya Salt Stone Massage” are amongst the most-popular treatments at Crystal Life Spa. Try to imagine that you are in a quiet & comfortable setting and warm, malleable crystals take shape around your body, and the feeling of releasing your muscle and skin’s sweat glands tension. The heat enables your skin to return to a healthier and more elastic state, complemented by the right massage, it would enable better blood circulation and eliminate pain and filter out any toxins, which is suitable for urbanite with hectic lifestyles.

“Himalayan Salt Stone Massage” features smooth, heated crystal stones made from 100% pink Himalayan salts. Packed with 84 naturally occurring minerals, it benefits the body by stimulating circulation, improving sleep, detoxifying, reducing inflammation and reducing signs of aging. During the treatment, special techniques are used in a deep pressure massage to gently release muscles that are tight, sore or compromised. The combination of massage, heat and minerals helps to achieve a greater sense of relaxation.

No matter if you would like to enjoy a relaxing beauty & spa treatment, take a short break or experience wellness living concept with your loved ones or a group of friends, Crystal Life Spa offers you an exceptional journey to well-being.

Crystal Life Spa would offer limited-time special treatments or massage services aligning with different themed cruises occasionally, you may book an appointment once you’re onboard. As our valued DreamElite member, you may enjoy the benefit of spa and wellness treatment pre-booking via DreamElite member hotline or email. Come and experience it now!

August Exclusive Privilege of DreamElite Members: Pre-cruise Booking of Treatments



World Dream

Quartz Crystal Bed Massage (90 mins) OR 

Himalaya Salt Stone Massage (90 mins)

SGD$250 + 18% service charge 
Genting Dream

Quartz Crystal Bed Massage (90 mins) OR 

Himalaya Salt Stone Massage (90 mins)

HKD$1280 + 18% service charge 
*Guest is entitled to receive one retail sized skin care product for free per service booking. Stock till lasts.


 *Spa facilities varies by ship, and operation arrangement would be subject to existing preventive measures onboard. Information subject to change without further notice.


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