Your Dream Journey with “DreamElite”

Release Time: 2021-05-06

Last month we invited crew members from different roles to share their crew life onboard. As DreamElite will be approaching its 4th anniversary this month, we have invited our DreamElite Guest Loyalty Officers Sheng & Nelson, who are currently onboard World Dream & Explorer Dream respectively, to share with you their thoughts about DreamElite.

Sheng & Nelson both joined Dream Cruises in 2018. Sheng initially developed an interest in the Cruise industry when he was studying at university, and his fascination grew further once he started working onboard and experienced the life of a crew member. After he graduated from university, he joined Dream Cruises as a receptionist onboard, and was awarded as the “Dream Maker of the Month” within 5 months due to his outstanding work performance. Nelson had started working as a part-time waiter since he was 14 years old, and his interest in the hospitality industry has grown. His mother had dreamt of working onboard a cruise ship but unfortunately never had the opportunity. Driven by his mother’s dream, Nelson joined Dream Cruises after his university graduation and started working as a waiter. Through his hard work and determination, he successfully seized the opportunity of his current role to join the DreamElite membership services team.

As they both like to interact with different people and enjoy the crew life onboard, they are passionate about their roles. The most precious experience that Nelson has had during his life onboard over the last three years was being able to collaborate & work with colleagues from different departments and maintaining good relationships with them. Although Nelson has only served onboard Explorer Dream for 6 months, he has learned a lot from his colleagues that enabled him to gain more knowledge and experience, such as serving guests at “The Palace” as a butler in the mornings, and delivering first class service to all, and these experiences contribute in his role to serve DreamElite members onboard. On the other hand, Sheng mentioned that his fondest memory was enjoying the Reunion Dinner with his colleagues prepared by the chefs onboard during Chinese New Year.


As part of the DreamElite membership services team, both Sheng & Nelson think that DreamElite is an intimate loyalty recognition scheme. Different from other membership schemes, there is no enrolment fee for joining DreamElite, and it is also a life-time membership. Moreover, there is no physical membership card that DreamElite members need to carry, which is convenient & environmentally friendly. Furthermore, members could earn Dream Points simply by providing their membership number when reserving their cruise. DreamElite also offer dedicated membership benefits for different age groups & the collection of feedback from front-line colleagues and members regularly, allows us here at Dream Cruises to further develop a memorable cruise experience.

As per Nelson, DreamElite is a platform to enable Dream Cruises to maintain long-lasting relationships with our guests. We will continue to improve and enrich our membership programme. Please stay tuned and we are looking forward to sharing happy and memorable moments together with you onboard Dream Cruises soon!

Tan Teck Sheng -“DreamElite” Membership Services Team

Nationality: Malaysia
Currently onboard: World Dream
Working experience onboard: 2 years

Nelson Tan -“DreamElite” Membership Services Team

Nationality: Malaysia
Currently onboard: Explorer Dream
Working experience onboard: 2 years


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